Credit Builder

There is a better and safer way to get a loan!

Helping you stay away from the dangers of loan sharks and illegal lenders! Know the benefits of ethical alternatives, like 1st Class Credit Union.

There is a better and safer way to get a loan!
Credit Builder

Credit Builder

If you are in need of credit, why not apply for our Credit Builder loan? This loan is a safe alternative to loan sharks with fixed repayments and an agreed end date.

Loans from £100 - £3000 are repayable over a maximum of 60 months. There is no top-up permitted on this loan but once paid off you will be eligible to apply for a personal loan.

We're on a mission to stop loan sharks

Signs to look out for!

  • You were offered a cash loan – Loan Sharks traditionally deal in cash but be aware that they may operate online too.
  • A lack of clear information about the loan – e.g. the interest rate or repayment terms. If they are vague about the amount of interest they charge and when the loan will be paid off, then this could be cause for concern.
  • Lending with no checks – Unlike authorised lenders, loan sharks won’t do credit checks or affordability assessments.
  • A lack of paperwork – All legal lenders will provide you with the necessary paperwork explaining the terms of the loan. Loan sharks won’t give you a formal agreement.
  • Threatening and violent behaviour – Loan sharks many take valuables, or even items such as your passport or bank card, which they say will act as “security” on the loan.
Know how to spot a loan shark!

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What 1st Class Credit Union has to offer

What 1st Class Credit Union has to offer

  • 1st Class Discount Club
  • Annual Dividend paid on savings
  • Regular Saver Rewards
  • Online access to your account 24/7
  • Platinum Award Service