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20 Jul 2023

July Newsletter

In our latest newsletter members can read about our recent milestone of 10,000 members, Loan Agency of the Year Award, attending Civil Service Live, and a farewell to long-serving staff members. 

03 Jul 2023

10,000th Member Story

We were thrilled to be able to get in contact with our 10,000th member, a 31-year-old employee of HMRC.

27 Jun 2023

Co-op Fortnight Campaign Article

We recently teamed up with Cooperatives UK and Reach PLC to bring an article to their Business Live page highlighting 1st Class Credit Union for the UK-wide campaign, Co-op Fortnight.

26 Jun 2023

10,000 Members

For the first time in our 31-year history, we have matched our founding members’ ambition by increasing our credit union to over 10,000 members.

05 Jun 2023

New Direct Debit Process

That's why we’re delighted to announce an exciting enhancement to our direct debit process. With this update, we aim to provide you with increased convenience, clarity, and peace of mind when it comes to managing your payments.

25 Apr 2023

1st Class Credit Union Members’ Satisfaction Survey 2023

In early March we conducted a survey to understand a bit more about our members’ needs and now we are sharing the results with you

13 Apr 2023

April Newsletter

27 Jan 2023

Newsletter January

Dear Members, ‘I hope that this newsletter finds you well. It’s hard to believe that we are heading into summer, the time seems to have flown by so...

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Help Grow Your Credit Union

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We’re on the road again!

Last 12 months, we have been all over the UK, attending workplaces, conferences, Annual General Meetings, regional meetings, and training events. It’s great to sign up new members to join our on-growing membership of the credit union and to speak to our existing members on the road providing positive and helpful feedback.

We have visited all over the UK from Dundee, down to London to Northern Ireland covering CWU, PCS, Royal Mail, BT, HMRC, DWP, and a lot more sites.

Would you like us to visit your workplace?

We would love to speak to your staff and work colleagues about the products and services we have to offer including information and help on Cost-Of-Living, National Strikes, Emergency Share Withdrawals, Life Cover and to reduce your out-going payments with our Debt Consolidation Loan. To arrange a workplace visit or for us to present a presentation online via Teams, please complete the form below or get in touch with Gurmeet Chahal at

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Are you in a position to promote credit union services and products to your staff and work colleagues? Are you a committed individual who wants to help grow the credit union? Can you spread credit union awareness among your colleagues? Can you help set up visits, online presentations, and webinars? You will be surprised of very few of your colleagues are aware of credit union products. Please complete the form below or get in touch with Gurmeet Chahal at

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Our Common Bond

To join 1st Class Credit Union you need to meet at least one of the following criteria. Please read through and confirm that you are eligible before applying to join

  • I am an employee of the Royal Mail Group
  • I am an employee within the Communications Industry
  • I am an employee within the Public and Commercial Services Industry
  • I am a member or retired member of the Communication Workers Union (CWU)
  • I am a member or retired member of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
  • I am a family relation to a current member of 1st Class Credit Union

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Joining the Credit Union is the best decision you could take for your money. Our Credit Union lets people in the community come together to save and borrow money at low rates, and is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

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