Premier Saver

How It Works

*** Our Premier Saver Account is now closed. ***

For the first time, our members will be offered the chance to apply and fund a Premier Savings Account.

The minimum value members can fund the account with is £500 and the maximum is £20,000.

The account will be locked for 12 months and accrue interest from May 1st, 2024 until May 1st, 2025. At this point interest due will be paid.

Members can email their questions at

Key Points - 1st Edition

Applications are now closed.

Interest Rate - 5.25%

Savings Amount - £500 - £20,000

Dividend Qualification  - No

You might need to pay tax on the interest or dividend you receive from your savings accounts with us. This will depend on your personal financial situation. For more information, please visit

Terms and Conditions

For the terms and conditions of our Premier Account click here.